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Trevor very kindly sent me a few of these to try after I had purchased a few sets of the larger cones for my lower sections of my Gmax 1000 pole, I have already got sections 4,5 and 6 all with these cones and they are excellent, easy to install, really help locating sections and stop you jamming the sections together putting splits in the end of the joints. You all know what I mean when trying to get sections to locate in a hurry chasing fish out or speed fishing.

These little beauties pictured are for the power number 2s of my power lite sections, not only does it again protect the end of the section but helps the elastic to run nice and smoothly through the length of the top kit, it also stops the elastic being damaged by the end of the carbon section on the power number 2 when in transit as it holds the elastic away from the edges, even from the number 1.

They weigh next to nothing so you will not notice the difference when fishing long, the same really with all the other nose cones too. They can be viewed on his site he will make them to order and to suit your pole so they are a snug fit. Most of mine dont actually need any form of fixing as the fit is that good, but he does supply a "How To fix" instruction leaflet with each order.

Cost will vary dependant on the cones you require. All in all a fantastic product that I will use with every one of my poles without question.

Pete Bailey



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