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Pole Bush Fitting

Fitting the Protect-a-Pole PTFE Bushes really couldn't be simpler, just so long as you applied the 'measure three times' rule before ordering. We work to very tight tolerances which essentially means you get exactly what you asked for.

Important: Although your bush may seem too tight they have a very slight taper. They may initially seem a tight fit, but apply plenty of common sense and a little bit of gentle pressure to ensure the bush fits perfectly.

  1. As with most tasks, the finish is only as good as the preparation, and to some part the quality of tools used. Even if you think your pole section is square and clean it's often better to use a flat block with a small piece of emery cloth to ensure an ultra clean and squared pole end. It's best to sand in small 'figure of 8' shapes and at no point apply any pressure, very light and smooth ' only just touching' will ensure a great finish.
  2. The bush should slide into the pole with a slight pressure initially due to the taper.
  3. If the PTFE Pole Bush is too loose you can pack the bush in the same way as a nose cone with PTFE Tape or fine pole elastics.

Protect-a-Pole Pole Bushes

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