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Holding Image for Protect-a-Pole Bush

Protect-a-Pole Custom Handcrafted PTFE Pole Bushes, because sometimes only the best is good enough. Our bushes are made to fit your pole, not the other way around. Strange isn't, it how an expensive pole has to be cut to fit the closest matching PTFE Bush- well not anymore. Simply measure the pole sections external and internal diameters and provide the size of Bore needed in the bush - ie 3.1mm for Red Hydro, see Measurement Guide for more detail.

Custom Made Bushes


Holding Image for Protect-a-Pole Bush

Protect-a-Pole Handcrafted PTFE Pole Bush
£2.60 Each

Quantity :

Internal Pole Diameter

External Pole Diameter

Bore Diameter (for Elastic Size)


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