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Nose Cone Fitting Guide

How to Fit your Nose Cones into your Pole Sections

The most important thing is never to force the cones in, you risk damaging your section.

To insert the cones grip the cone between a bit of sandpaper or wet and dry paper enclosed with your order. This stops the bush slipping in your fingers. Start to insert the cone by pushing the cone into the section and, at the same time, twisting the cone as you push in. It should go in nice and smoothly. If not, try rubbing the cone down with a bit of wet and dry paper so it fits (although this should not be needed in most cases)

If the cone is slightly loose in the section and bear in mind that carbon sections do vary in size a little during manufacture – some poles are worse than others.

In very cold weather the Nose Cones can react to the temperature and may require a small amount of packing to ensure a good fit, follow process below. Packing is best with with some fine pole elastic or PTFE / Electrical Tape on the inside of the section ran lengthways.

Nose Cone Fitting Step 1

If it is a bit loose – if you have some fine pole elastic, cut two short bits and lay in the pole section opposite each other and then insert the cone as you would do normally. (Don’t force it in if it will not go. Try thinner elastic or thicker if too loose.) This will make the cone tight.

Another way is to use pieces of PTFE plumbers tape, or black electrical tape instead of elastic to hold the cone in. As with using elastic, the tape should hang out between the pole and cone section lengthways. Once you've achieved a good fit remove excess tape with a sharp blade.

Nose Cone Fitting

After fitting, you can cut the excess elastic which will be hanging out between the pole and the cone section. Use a sharp blade to do this, so that no elastic is visible.

Nose Cone Fitting

You can also glue the cones in place should you wish to do so. Super-glue is NOT the best thing to use. Araldite is better.

If the cone is bigger than the outside of the pole section, you can file the cone to fit the outside of the section as you do not want it larger than the diameter of the pole section. If the pole section is a bit bigger than the cone you can sand or file the edge down to blend with the cone after fitting.

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