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Nose Cone Fitting Guide

Protect-a-Pole Kit Cones

Note: If your using a Tricast Pole the normal No3 is the No2 as Tricast count from Zero.


The Protect-a-Pole Kit Cone fits the No3 or Power Top 2 section joint, and these get plenty of abuse from the average anger, least of all the matchangler. The traditional 'Clean Joint' foam based cones simply don't work as you need to run the elastic through the section joint.

". . with the Kit Cone fitted the elastics run smoother when the section is under pressure due to a hooked fish.
No more grateing of elastic on the side walls as the bush will prevent this to a large degree" Trevor J.

Unprotected both the male and female joints are exposed to chipping, splitting and excessive wear and to some degree elastic damage. The Protect-a-Pole Kit Cone can greatly reduce those risks and extend the life of your expensive top sets and elastics.


Power Top 2 Blue Hydro Elastics

Not all power Top 2 sections will have elastic running through both sections, however the risk is still the same. The No3 / Power Top 2 Kit Cone is a great addition to any top set.


PTFE Nose Cones

PTFE Bushes

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