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Q: What is the difference between the Pro and Club range? 

Professional range are made from pure ptfe (these are the white ones). They have a perfectly smooth finish - meaning they have zero friction when breaking down or shipping out the pole. PTFE is Teflon and lasts a lifetime. They will add strength to the most exposed part of a pole section. The have an outside diameter that provides full protection including the very rim of each pole section.  They are turned on CNC lathes to a tolerance of 0.02mm to achieve a “resistance fit” in each section.   
Additionally we make them in custom sizes - so if a pole end is damaged and you want to cut or file it back to prevent further damage. You can give us a measurement for that particular section and we will make a specific cone to that size.  
The club range are made on a 3D printer from a flexible polymer and come in a range of vibrant colours.  The accuracy of sizing is very good but not as precise as the professional range. They rely on their flexible properties to grip and hold firm inside each pole section.  Whilst our Club Cones are robust they don’t offer the same hard wearing properties of our Pro cones. Due to the technology used to make them,  they are built up by layers of filament which sticks together to create the cones structure.   Whilst they perform the important job or protecting the section from impact, they don’t provide the same level of rigidity as the Pro range.  Overall they provide good protection at a lower price point for some anglers.


Q: Can you make cones for any pole not listed in your Pole Finder?  

Y:  Yes. If you can’t find your pole in our Pole Finder contact us.  We don’t list all of our catelogue on our website and if we don’t have it, we can still make them if sizes can be supplied.