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Measuring Guide

If your pole is not listed in our Pole Finder or we have limited section sizes,  you can provide your own measurements and we'll make a cone or any number to your requirements. We will need both an internal and external measurment for each section using a digital vernier. Measurements should be recorded to 2 decimal places, ie 22.57mm

Please use our message page to send us the sizes.  


Using Digital Verniers: A Simple Guide.

We need an internal and external measurement of the Male Pole Section Joint, ie the Pole Section Joint that the Nose Cone or PTFE Elastic Bush will fit into (for Bushes please indicate the size of the bore hole, or elastic, ie Red Hydro, when ordering)

Internal Measurements: Internal Digital Vernier measurements are taken using the internal measuring jaws, as shown below . Like all measurements it's better to measure 3 times and take the average. Ensure you Zero the tool between each measurement. Ensure no extra presure is put on the wall of the pole as the Carbons will flex and give you a incorrect reading.

Remove the internal jaws from inside the joint and reinsert making sure the fit is perfect, if you have flexed the carbon when measuring the jaws will not fit back in smoothly. Repeat until you are satisfied with the fit.