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The Beginning
It was back in the late 80s whilst regulary fishing canals that engineer Trevor Jeans came up with the concept of the Nose Cone.  The constant unshipping of the main sections caused the problem of carbon wear and so the basic concept of the PTFE Nose Cone was created. 
As well as slowing down the wear of pole sections the cones help with section alignment and significantly spead up the process of shipping sections together.   With a custom fit cone, Anglers can repair existing worn sections by cutting back the carbon on the male section and fitting a bespoke PTFE cone.  Thereby saving them on the cost of a replacement section. 
Over the year since Trevor has adapted the design of the cones as Anglers call for lighter and smaller cones.  Today, Our nose cones continue to provide substantial reinforcement to the male joint. Protecting against chips and splits as well as reducing wear.
The Kit Cone
Pole fishing continues to advance and the market has been flooded with lots of choice  for both solid and hollow pole elastic.  Kit Cones are designed to sit in the middle section of top kits and the elastic run through the middle. These smaller cones offer two important benefits. Firstly, the ensure the elastic run much smoother when the elastic is under tension.  No grating or elastic sticking to the wall of your top kit.
Secondly, they help protect your elastic keeping it away from the wall of the carbon section when they are packed away.