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Welcome to Protect-a-Pole offers Handcrafted custom Pole Protection using the highest quality PTFE for Pole Section Nose Cones and Elastic Bushes. Each and every product is hand turned to very tight tolerances.

Nose Cones


Question: What is the most expensive piece of kit most anglers own. Answer: A Pole

Common problems with owning a pole include the wear on section joints, chips on pole sections and breakages. Whilst the wearing of section joints and chips we can prevent, the Breakages we cant.

I first produced the cone in its crude form back in the late 80s while fishing the canals. The problem was wear, this was due to fishing a top kit plus 1. As an engineer I looked at the problem and came up with the basic concept of the PTFE Nose Cone.

Having prevented the wear side of things, it also helped to align the top kit to the No3 pole section. It went on further to repair worn out pole sections by cutting back and fitting oversize cones to bring the section back to newish condition. Many anglers replace their no4 due to wear, now there's no need. By cutting the section back and fitting a protect-a-pole custom Nose Cone the section is saved, as is the anglers money.

The natural progression was to start adding the cones to the other sections. Over the years the cone has been refined to its present state. Anglers wanted lighter, smaller cones and with constant modifications, and that’s what they got.

In short these Nose Cones add substantial reinforcing to the male joint, will reduce wear and also help with alignment of your sections.

New No3 Nose Cones

The latest addition to the range is the new No3 section Nose Cone, this new cone serves 3 purposes

  • It acts as a speed cone when fishing top 2s.
  • It prevents the elastic rubbing on the pole section wall when breaking top kits down for packing away, no more bits of plastic to lose.
  • Makes elastic runs smoother when section under pressure from fish, no grating of elastic on pole section wall.

Full Pole Section Protection

Sometimes it pays to protect the whole pole, not just the top 4 or 5 sections. Whilst pole section joints No's 1 to 4 will wear the most, accidents on the lower sections will be much more expensive and your less likely to carry spares.

Customer: "I got some cones off you about 2 months back for a Tri-Cast Trilogy, I got up to the Tricast's no5 male end. Well the inevitable happened today and I accidentally hit the front of the no6 whilst throwing the pole back and got a 5 or 6 mm dig-in/split in Trilogy male no6 . Could you price me cones for no6 back to 14m section as I knew I should have bought them originally. So that's no6, no7, no8 and no9 section, which is the painted section. Thanks."

PTFE Nose Cones

PTFE Bushes

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