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Nose Cones

Made from 100% Pure PTFE our cones will enhance the performance of any Pole. Your abilty to assemble and align the sections will be significantly improved with the use of our cones.   Placed within the male section they also provide extra protection to the joint edge to help avoid unwanted cracks and splits to expensive sections.  

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Kit Cones

The Kit Cone is the smallest member of our range  and is desighed to sit in the middle of each Top Kit.  Fitted in your kits, they will improve the elastic flow ensuring a smoother feel when playing fish. Equally when not in use they perform the important task of protecting the elastic when kits are packed away in tubes/holdalls. 


Elastic Bushes

Made from the same quality 100% Pure PTFE, our Elastic Bushes provide the final touch in getting the best performance from your pole.   We hold in stock all the popular sizes.  However, if you can't find what your looking for from our range, then send us a message of your requirments and we can make a bespoke set just for your pole! 

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Can't find what your looking for?

If you can't find your pole listed in our Pole finder database, message us with some details or call us to see if we can help. 

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